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4: Plague of The Wild by Phoenixfire90


Set after 3: Separating of Paths and 3 & 1/2: The Creed Chronicles between 1987 and 1990 on both Earth and Cybertron, set after season/series 2.

2 years after the Autobots and the Decepticons woke up on Earth, Optimus Prime wonders about the fate of The Creed Of The Phoenix And The Dragon and his two children Phoenixfire and Draco. But with sightings turning up here and there on Cybertron of the Creed members, will the Female, Male and Creed Autobots reunite?

Rated: G [ - ]
Category: Generation One
Characters: Arcee (G1,TFU), Astrotrain (G1), Beachcomber (G1,G2), Blackfire, Blaster (G1), Bluestreak (G1), Bumblebee (G1,G2) - aka Goldbug, Carly Witwicky (G1), Chromia (G1), Cliffjumper (G1), Cosmos (G1), Eject (G1), Elita One (G1), Firestar (G1), First Aid (G1), Frenzy (G1,G2), Gears (G1), Griffin Prime, Grimlock (G1,G2,Alt), Havana, Hoist (G1,MW), Hound (G1,Alt), Inferno (G1,G2), Ironhide (G1,G2,Transformers Movie 2007), Jazz (G1,G2), Jetfire (G1,G2), Katrina, Laserbeak (G1), Megatron (G1,G2,MW), Mirage (G1,G2,MW,RM), Moonracer (G1), Optimus Prime (G1,G2,MW,RM,TFU, Transformers Movie 2007), Perceptor (G1), Phoenixfire Prime, Prowl (G1,MW), Rakatan, Ratchet (G1), Ravage (G1,BW,BT), Roller (G1,G2), Scoop (G1), Seaspray (G1,G2), Shockwave (G1), Sideswipe (G1,G2,Alt,TFU), Snapdragon, Soundwave (G1,G2), Sparkplug Witwicky (G1), Spike Witwicky (G1), Starscream (G1,G2,BW,MW,RM), Steeljaw (G1), Sunstreaker (G1,TFU), Warpath (G1), Wheeljack (G1, Alt), Whitefire
Genre: Drama
Location: Library
Series: My War for Cybertron/G1/Japanese G1 series
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Words: 2084 Hits: 1403
Published: 03/06/11 Updated: 22/06/11

Story Notes: I would like to thank Dark Primus for the name of this fan-fic.

1. Chapter 1, Myths and Legends by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1152 words)

2. Chapter 2, The Picture In the Frame by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (932 words)