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Photo Files of My Fan-fic Characters by Phoenixfire90


Formally known as 'Phoenixfire and Draco Prime Picture'.

I thought I'd do a revamp of the entry to celebrate my 1 year anniversery of both my joining of Lexicon and the publishing of 1: Mind Of a Leader, my first ever fan-fic.

Little did I know it would lead to even more books, a hit and partnership with my long-time friend Dark Primus.

In this revamp I will publish photos and pictures of The Creed of the Phoenix and the Dragon, The Creed of the Shadow and the Darkness & new charcters that will be introduced later on in the stories.

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Characters: Blackfire, Draco Prime, Havana, Katrina, Phoenixfire Prime, Rakatan, Snapdragon, Whitefire
Genre: Colour Illustration
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Published: 22/11/10 Updated: 25/04/11

Story Notes: Playstation Home (C) SCEA and SCEE etc...

1. Phoenixfire Prime (All modes, All Gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

Of course it had to be Phoenix that starts this entry, she is, pretty much, me!

But I've included all her modes with never before seen designs, including those created using Playstation Home, sorry can't draw humans....

2. Dracoagongo Prime (All gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

Sorry to say that until Home includes green as a normal hair colour I can't do Draco's human mode.

3. Whitefire (All Gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)
Whitefire has only been seen in her mod form in other entry I've made, so I thought it was about time to design her, so here she is.
4. Blackfire (All Gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

5. Havana (All Gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

6. Rakatan (All Gens) by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

7. Princess Wildfire Prime by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

Ah, my dear, dear Wildfire. My lovely Wildfire.

Daughter of Phoenixfire and Bumblebee, the next leader of The Creed of the Phoenix and the Dragon and (when she grows-up) current leader of The New Creed of the Phoenix and the Dragon (made up of the grown-up children of the original creed).

In the Movie series I've already introduced both Wildfire and Hornet in my fan-fic, New Generations, but in the G1 series they have yet to be born.

Note; Wildfire looks the same in both G1 and Movie series.

Other Note; Grown-up version is coming soon, picture below is of her as a baby.

8. Prince Hornet by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (3 words)

Hornet, ah bless, isn't he cute.

He is the son of Phoenixfire and Bumblebee and the brother of Wildfire. I've already introduced him in the Movie series in my fan-fic; New Generations, in my G1 series he's yet to be born.

But since both Bumblebee/father's are from different gens and thus they both look different, I've had to make to different Hornets to match.

Thus these two pictures (and personalities) are different.

Note: I can't really do an grown-up version of both due to the sizes Lexicon accepts for pictures, but you get the idea. And I'm rubbish at drawing cars so transformations are out of the question.

9. G1 Excalibur by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

One of my new characters introduced in 3 and a 1/2; The Creed Chronicles, Chapter 8, Excalibur, Prince Of The Birds.

On Cybertron he's an Electro-Eagle, on Planet Earth he takes the form of Alaskan Blad Eagle.

10. The Creed Of The Phoenix And The Dragon Symbol by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

I designed this on my own and it was far from easy.

This is the Creed's mark/symbol, whatever you want to call it, as you can see it's got the Autobot mark along with the Phoenix (on top), the Dragon (to the left) and the Griffin (to the right).

11. (All Gens) Griffin Prime by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1 words)

(C) of Dark Primus, my fan-fic partner.

He asked me sometime ago to do these pictures, but I've only just got to putting them on Lexicon! Hope you like them!