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Journey Into Destiny by Raksha G
Soundwave and his creations, Ravage and Selenia, journey to the equator of Cybertron...
Nightbird: The Aftermath by Raksha G
The cartoon episode "Enter The Nightbird" told from the perspective of Megatron...
Sabotaged Identity by Raksha G
Back from the dead, Selenia finds her revival has strings attached.
Shelter From The Void by Raksha G
The last of her species, plumed serpent Raksha finds shelter with the Decepticons.
Guiding Hand: A Tale Of The Far Future by Raksha G
The ghosts of a single reincarnated individual show Megatron the way forward.
Jhiaxus by Raksha G
The in-depth tech specs of this powerful Decepticon warlord.
Whiplash by Raksha G
Once a gladiator in Megatron's team, this mysterious, tentacle-draped medusasaur...
Inside Soundwavespace by Raksha G
What is it like to be a cassette, inside Soundwave's cassette compartment?.
Biography Of Soundwave by Raksha G
A long and fascinating description of Soundwave's life.
Another Lifetime by Raksha G
Raksha's experience of playing Soundwave on the MUSHes (online role playing...
Lights And Mirrors: A Trick Of Perspective by Raksha G
One's views of the Decepticons can alter depending on your perspective.
Megatron And Starscream: A World Of Second Chances by Raksha G
Just why did Megatron put up with Starscream?
Fight At My Side: Gender Relations On Faraway Worlds by Raksha G
Decepticons are far more advanced than Autobots in the way they treat females.
Andraxus 1: Slag, Lord Of Khalhyer by Belinda_Kelly G
Slag, the one-time Dinobot, now rules over a hellish world that was once home...
Andraxus 2: Ashraker, Lord Of The Belt Mining Strip by Belinda_Kelly G
Ashraker tells the story of his liege, Thunderwing.
Andraxus 3: Soundwave, Lord Of The Ring Worlds by Belinda_Kelly G
Soundwave interviews the man who sold the world.
Andraxus 4: Darkheart, Lord Of River Rock by Belinda_Kelly G
Darkheart, a recreation of Trypticon, tells the story of Mindwipe, the last...
Andraxus 5: Sting, Lord Of The Far Worlds by Belinda_Kelly G
Sting, a small-time petty crim, goes in search of revenge and finds himself...
Andraxus 6: Raindance, Lord Of Andraxus Minor by Belinda_Kelly G
Raindance, the gentle Lord Treasurer of Andraxus Minor, is sent on an urgent...
Death's Lessons by Nightwind G
Ratchet rages against the injustice of war, as he watches a young girl he is...
Up From Underground by Ivy_Bohnlein G
Separated from the other Autobot femmes after an explosive trap goes wrong...
Higher Ground by Ivy_Bohnlein G
Elita One is less than thrilled to find out where Whiz has gone.
Ground Zero by Ivy_Bohnlein G
The final showdown between Shockwave and the Femme Fatales.
Me And Starscream by Nightwind G
Nightwind writes: Did recognizing echoes of myself in a pathetic, abused cartoon...
A Better Breed Of Hero by Raksha G
A hero may be someone who swoops to your rescue when you're in trouble - but...
A Change Of Direction by Raksha G
A chance meeting between two former Decepticons changes both their lives.
A Chance In A Million by Raksha G
The origins of Generation One Megatron.
Fantasy and Reality by Raksha G
Fantasy is compelling precisely because it is not reality, and is not spoiled...
Operation Desert Storm by Lizard G
After accidentally welding the Decepticons to the floor with a faulty invention...
Though I Walk Through The Shadow by Starhorse G
Bluestreak witnesses something that bothers him enough to keep his own nightmares...
Round and Round by Scott_Kampa G
A confused Thundercracker ponders life, friendship, and the Decepticon cause.
Pygmalion by Velvet_Glove G
Quintesson creates woman, and I theorise on the origins of the species.
Transformer Babies by Crazomatic G
Remember the cartoon Muppet Babies? Well, this is a extremely silly story following...
Transformers Fanfic by Charl G
What are the features of Transformers fanfic and what kind of person writes...
Best First by SkyShadow G
Finding himself at the mercy of Optimus Prime, Thundercracker bargains with...
Meggy's Glorious Destiny! by Crazomatic G
Chapter 2 of Transformer Babies! The babies are back with more adventures and...
Andraxus 7: Starscream, The Lord Commander by Belinda_Kelly G
In this final chapter of the Andraxus sequence, Starscream is forced to confront...
Megatron Gets A Playstation by BronzeWarlock G
Starscream develops his ultimate plan to take over the Decepticons...
Why the Ark Has No Doors by PrincessArtemis G
It has been asked why the Autobots never tried to up their defenses by adding...
Frenzy's Tech Specs by Raksha G
Tech specs of Frenzy, Soundwave's red robot/cassette.
Absent and Minded by HSBacklash01 G
Thundercracker tries to save face and stave off a nervous breakdown when Starscream...
Fear Never Dies by Lady_Dementia G
The Beast Wars ended; the planet moved on. But what should have remained buried...
Meggy's Nursery Conquest! by Crazomatic G
Meggy teams up with Unicron in his latest scheme to kill off Oppie Prime. This...
Behind The Visor by JazzBot G
There's more to Jazz than the happy-go-lucky 'Bot we see on the surface. Sometimes...
Inheritance by Raksha G
After nearly 50 years, Megatron and the troops of the Stratofortress...
My Modnation Racers Transformers Mods & Karts by Phoenixfire90 G

Recently I got Modnation Racers on the PS3 and have made some TF mods and...