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Skydive (G1,G2)


Bolt by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: A tech spec for Bolt, AKA G2 Skydive.

Shadow of the Guardian by Sheba

Rated: G •

This story is part one of a collaborative effort between myself and Conveyus-Prime. It takes place in my fanfic universe where magic is quite real and Starscream is protected by an Organic Transformer named Sheba. This takes place in the "Prisoner of Destiny" timeline, after the events of "Magic Adventures".

BTW, Conveyus-Prime is NOT the same person as the Conveyus Prime here.

Skydive by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: My favourite Aerialbot, but then I prefer the F-16 to the other planes chosen, so I'm always going to be biased. Still, for the size & era he's a pretty solid toy.

Skydive (G2) by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: To be honest I prefer the G1 Skydive, but then the G1 toy matches the cartoon Skydive. He's nice, and while he doesn't look like he's been attacked by paint as many G2 toys do, I can't help look at it and compare it to the G1 toy.

Transformers: Heroes by Crystine

Rated: Adult •

Heroic Decepticons AU. A century ago, the eons-old war between the Autobots and the Decepticons suddenly and inexplicably came to an end. Since then, many have gone their separate ways, whilst others still hold onto the bitter memories of war. Now, as Autobots and Neutrals join forces in a new directive to capture every Decepticon still left alive, it appears that the Autobots will finally get their chance to even the score, and defeat their enemies once and for all. But when they become the target of seemingly random, yet terrifying attacks, some begin to realize that the enemy may be much closer to home than anyone could have ever imagined.

*REVISED 25 June 2020!*