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Heroic Decepticons AU. One-shot. It's one of those days Starscream would rather forget, but not everything is as bad as it seems.
Categories: Generation One
Characters: Astrotrain (G1), Blast Off (G1,G2), Blitzwing (G1), Breakdown (G1,G2), Dead End (G1,Alt), Drag Strip (G1), Hook (G1,G2), Kickback (G1), Long Haul (G1,G2), Megatron (G1,G2,MW), Mixmaster (G1,G2), Rumble (G1), Scavenger (G1,G2), Scrapper (G1,G2), Skywarp (G1,MW), Soundwave (G1,G2), Starscream (G1,G2,BW,MW,RM), Swindle (G1,G2), Thundercracker (G1,MW), Vortex (G1,G2), Wildrider (G1)
Genre: Romance and Adventure
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Series: None
Chapters: 1
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1. A Day Worth Remembering by Crystine [Reviews - 1] star star star star half star (3073 words)