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New Transformers Fanfic Podcast Added Mojo Mayhem Chapter 7 by Phoenix
I've just uploaded the latest chapter from Mojo Mayhem. Please click on the Podcast link above to listen.
--Charl on 25/05/10 - 05:48 am (22 Comments)

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Ratchet rages against the injustice of war, as he watches a young girl he is...

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Separated from the other Autobot femmes after an explosive trap goes wrong...

Higher Ground by Ivy_Bohnlein
Elita One is less than thrilled to find out where Whiz has gone.

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The final showdown between Shockwave and the Femme Fatales.

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The origins of Generation One Megatron.

Operation Desert Storm by Lizard
After accidentally welding the Decepticons to the floor with a faulty invention...

Mojo Mayhem by Phoenix
Sam Witwicky needs a babysitter for his dog, Mojo, while he goes on vacation...

Though I Walk Through The Shadow by Starhorse
Bluestreak witnesses something that bothers him enough to keep his own nightmares...

Round and Round by Scott_Kampa
A confused Thundercracker ponders life, friendship, and the Decepticon cause.

Pygmalion by Velvet_Glove
Quintesson creates woman, and I theorise on the origins of the species.

Transformer Babies by Crazomatic
Remember the cartoon Muppet Babies? Well, this is a extremely silly story following...

Transformers Fanfic by Charl
What are the features of Transformers fanfic and what kind of person writes...

Best First by SkyShadow
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Meggy's Glorious Destiny! by Crazomatic
Chapter 2 of Transformer Babies! The babies are back with more adventures and...

Megatron Gets A Playstation by BronzeWarlock
Starscream develops his ultimate plan to take over the Decepticons...

Why the Ark Has No Doors by PrincessArtemis
It has been asked why the Autobots never tried to up their defenses by adding...

Absent and Minded by HSBacklash01
Thundercracker tries to save face and stave off a nervous breakdown when Starscream...

Fear Never Dies by Lady_Dementia
The Beast Wars ended; the planet moved on. But what should have remained buried...

Meggy's Nursery Conquest! by Crazomatic
Meggy teams up with Unicron in his latest scheme to kill off Oppie Prime. This...

Behind The Visor by JazzBot
There's more to Jazz than the happy-go-lucky 'Bot we see on the surface. Sometimes...

My Modnation Racers Transformers Mods & Karts by Phoenixfire90
Recently I got Modnation Racers on the PS3 and have made some TF mods and karts.I...

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