Windsweeper (G1)
featured story Finding himself at the mercy of Optimus Prime, Thundercracker bargains with the only thing that he has to offer: a story. It is a tale from a time when the Autobots were led by an Iaconian lawman named Sentinel Prime.

Rated: G
Categories: Generation One
Characters: Optimus Prime (G1,G2,MW,RM,TFU, Transformers Movie 2007), Soundwave (G1,G2), Starscream (G1,G2,BW,MW,RM), Thundercracker (G1,MW), Windsweeper (G1)
Genre: Drama
Location: Library

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 40300 - Hits: 14691
Complete?: Yes - Published: 30/12/02 - Last Updated: 30/12/02